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A little about me

Hi folks, welcome to my website

For those who don’t know me, I better tell you a little bit of what and where the music and song writing fits in. after years of hard work and the recent drought that took its toll on our wellbeing, we have sold our cattle property in the northern tablelands of NSW and now moved to the Mid North Coast.  As you may have noticed I am not a kid, I have been around for a long time but many years ago I started playing in bands as a young 16 year old with dreams of being the next big rock star in Sydney with some amount of success playing with and meeting some fantastic performers who went on to great things.

As time went on and with the advent of disco, bands were no longer required as it was much cheaper to spin a disc rather than pay for live music so the band kids went on our own way. 

Moving on into the 80’s and live music was having a comeback, I played with a number of bands and duets and also solo jobs playing in pubs and clubs to anyone who wanted to listen. I was working as a concreter during the day and performing 6 nights a week. This was taking its toll and the decision was made by me to stop gigging and concentrate on a business career to be able to raise a family and so on. I still played every now and then as performing never gets out of your blood. 

Fast forward to the present, 30 years or so later, I find myself in a position with my children grown and left home with their own families. I now have the time, ability and most importantly THE PASSION of performing and writing songs again. 

This leads me to bringing you my debut album Hittin’ The Wall.

Hittin’ The Wall are songs I wrote drawing upon life experiences. Funny thing is I started seriously writing again in 2015 when I wrote a song for my son and then one for my youngest daughter. Then the flood gates opened and music and lyrics came pouring out.

After the release of several singles and their success I have now released my new album Battlegrounds which is telling stories in music is an age old Tradition that hopefully will never cease.  People will relate to the words and to the feel of the songs on Battlegrounds from Wasted Time right through to the epic conclusion of Afghanistan.

Well, that’s me guys a song writing and performing farmer from Northern NSW. I hope to get to meet you all one day, enjoy the album and stay tuned… there is more on the way! 

~Keep Happy~

Tony Kennelly 

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